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Wholesale Yard Signs

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   Wholesale Yard Signs!
   Single Sided, Single Color ink
   12"X18" White sign board
   Yellow Coroplast Additional $.10

   1000 Signs 12X18 E-mail us
   2000 Signs 12X18 E-mail us

       Additional Options (12"X18")
          E-mail us Additional Side
      E-mail us Per Color

    For Stake Options Click Here

      Orders Below 500
      300-400 Signs E-mail us
      200-300 Signs E-mail us
      100-200 Signs E-mail us

Absolutely No Setup Fees!
10"x30" Wire Stands $. 90 Each, Over 1000 = $. 80 Each 
10"x15" Wire Stands $. 55 Each, Over 1000 = $. 45 Each 

Small Biz Booster Pack (18x12")
Million Pack (18x12")
Big Monopoly Pack (18x12")     

      100 18x12" Yard Signs
Single color
Double Sided
      100, 15" H-FRAME Stakes
      ONLY $
E-mail us

      250 18x12" Yard Signs
      Single Color
      Double Sided
      250, 15" H-FRAME Stakes
      ONLY $
E-mail us
    2000 18x12" Yard Signs
    Single color
    Single Side

    2000, 15" H-FRAME Stakes
    ONLY $E-mail us


   All of our yard signs are at the lowest prices available to the public. Wholesale prices are made available for people who are ordering large quantities of wholesale political signs, wholesale election signs or wholesale coroplast signs for resale. One Dollar Signs is currently laying out the foundation for an exciting new dealer incentive program. This new wholesale program will offer alot of advantages to our resellers. The new program will offer alot to experienced resellers of election signs and political signs while also giving huge advantages to resellers that are new to the business. We will be offering many advantages that other wholesale political signs and wholesale coroplast signs companies do not offer to their resellers. Be sure to keep a look out for updates on our wholesale yard signs program. If you have a large order you would like special pricing on, please feel free to email us.

 All artwork must be supplied by you. Most formats accepted. E-mail artwork here

We can design any sign for just $35.

SALE! 1000 12"X18" Signs $.90 Each
SALE! 2000 12"X18" Signs $.80 Each

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