Terms & Conditions

One Dollar Signs (OneDollarSigns.com) will begin creation of a corporate identity logo design, flyer, brochure, signs or catalog of any type and or web page of any type (THE PROJECT) upon receipt of a retainer fee from THE CLIENT that equals no less than 50% of the total PROJECT fee as outlined in our TERMS & CONDITIONS or 100% of the amount for any type of signage.
THE CLIENT agrees to remit the remaining balance of the PROJECT fee within 5 business days to the address set forth on the Completion notice. Upon receipt of this balance, OneDollarSigns.com agrees to transfer all electronic files relating to THE PROJECT to THE CLIENT via previously agreed to method of transmission. OneDollarSigns.com retains the right to utilize for advertising any ARTWORK, designs, edits, revisions and work product from THE PROJECT, promotion and other, not-for-pay display (ARTWORK). Pricing can be based upon clients circulation of ARTWORK created bv OneDollarSigns.com.
All color matching for sign orders is based on primary colors. Due to the silk screen process involved in making signs exact color match is not possible. We do not use a pantone color matching system commonly used in printing processes. By placing an order with us you agree to allow One Dollar Signs to use it's best judgement in matching colors as closely as possible.
Due to the complexities of international copyright and trademark law, OneDollarSigns.com will not be held liable should THE CLIENT be found to be infringing on an already existing copyright, trademark or service mark relating to the PROJECT name, description or service. However, all ARTWORK designs created during creation of THE PROJECT are original works of OneDollarSigns.com and all such ARTWORK other then the final design accepted by client can be protected by copyright for OneDollarSigns.com.
Once THE PROJECT has been initiated and preliminary designs created, all retainer balances become nonrefundable. OneDollarSigns.com reserves the right to take up to 15 business days to produce any type of signage. In the unlikely event that OneDollarSigns.com cannot create a design that THE CLIENT will approve then upon receipt of the PROJECT completion notice, THE CLIENT may cancel THE PROJECT in writing. The PROJECT then becomes subject to a 'KILL-FEE', an amount not less than 40% of the total THE PROJECT fee. In the even that a client cancels a sign order, no more than 50% of the full amount will be refunded if production of the custom signs has already occured. OneDollarSigns.com will apply any PROJECT retainer fees to this 'kill-fee'. In the event of a job cancellation, ARTWORK remains the exclusive intellectual property and copyright of OneDollarSigns.com unless released in writing by OneDollarSigns.com and the remaining balance of THE PROJECT's fee is remitted. Additionally client shall return to OneDollarSigns.com all ARTWORK material, any design material derived there from and destroy all copies and reproductions of such ARTWORK in clients possession. Any violation of this provision will subject client to a liquidated damage fee in the amount of the total project fee. This is not a penalty and the parties agree to accept the amount as just and reasonable compensation for the time and effort invested by OneDollarSigns.com in the PROJECT.
If THE CLIENT fails to communicate with OneDollarSigns.com regarding any initiated PROJECT for a period of more than thirty (30) days, such PROJECT will be cancelled, and any retainers or deposits shall be applied as a KILL-FEE as outlined elsewhere in this document. No further edits, revisions, file transmission or online image storage will be undertaken by OneDollarSigns.com after that date. Further activation of this PROJECT will be subject to new PROJECT activation, PROJECT submission, retainers and deposits as outlined in our current pricing schedules, unless specifically waived, in writing by an authorized representative of OneDollarSigns.com
In the course of THE PROJECT, OneDollarSigns.com will remain in contact with the client regarding edits, revisions and scheduling. If THE CLIENT fails to provide necessary feedback to OneDollarSigns.com regarding any edits and/or revisions within forty-eight (48) hours from the written request of such information from OneDollarSigns.com, THE PROJECT may be subject to removal from our servers and placement in our STALE DATED database. Any STALE DATED PROJECT is subject to a $50 ($US) reactivation and unarchiving fee. This fee is at the sole discretion of OneDollarSigns.com.
Further, if THE CLIENT, after five (5) days from PROJECT submission, and after initial preliminary designs have been displayed, wishes to alter original scope of project, as outlined in exhibit (A), including, but not limited to, name change, type of business change, theme of business change, specifically requested illustration change, then such PROJECT shall be deemed a new PROJECT and subject to new retainer payments as per current pricing schedules. Previously paid retainers and/or balances shall be applied as KILL FEES to original project, and any new retainers and/or balances shall be applied to new PROJECT as requested by THE CLIENT.
All ARTWORK, designs, edits, revisions and work product created in THE PROJECT (other than the FINAL design accepted by THE CLIENT as being the subject of this agreement) remain the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of OneDollarSigns.com. Any use of this work PROJECT by THE CLIENT and/or their assigns is strictly prohibited without written, prior permission by OneDollarSigns.com
OneDollarSigns.com is not liable for any amount greater than the amount of purchase.
OneDollarSigns.com is NOT liable for any damages or expenses incurred by the client in the use of ARTWORK created in THE PROJECT by third parties, unless said third party is contracted by OneDollarSigns.com as a 'work-for-hire' vendor, or in direct professional consultation with OneDollarSigns.com Such consultation is subject to fees as agreed to by THE CLIENT and OneDollarSigns.com By contracting OneDollarSigns.com to create THE PROJECT as outlined in these terms and conditions THE CLIENT agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein. For further information on any of our terms and conditions, please contact us at Jmcknight@onedollarsigns.com
Any unpaid balance of fees due hereunder shall bear interest monthly at the rate permitted by applicable usury laws plus attorney fees, court costs and other costs in connection with the collection of the unpaid amount.
The parties hereto agree that any dispute that arises with respect to this agreement shall be arbitrated in accordance with the Texas General Arbitration act ( act ) and the Rules of the American Arbitration Association ( Rules ) and that the decision of the Arbitrator rendered pursuant to the Act and Rules shall be binding upon the Parties and may be enforced in any Court of Competent Jurisdiction. Any arbitration proceedings pursuant to this agreement shall be held in Houston, Harris County, Texas. The Arbitrator shall not award to either party punitive, consequential, nor multiple damages in settlement of any dispute.


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